CETA, "Center economy international automation/agreement" v2.1s

[This agreement/compromise is actual primary for Evarfield developt and published and exclusion of complete/every non Evarfield publishment in the public.
Use, modify, change etc. but never unscientific/inhuman/illegal/etc it to the needed factors and obligations, there is only the author copyright read-able and/or change-able as public-domain text, more in the text/agreement.]

CETA automats without any exception at humanity, administration and political corrections in economic way regulated by international laws and local laws by unexceptional international rules and laws.
The only one justicial per international laws and optionaly rules via CETA the only one method to correct the eco-system in CETA function and analogously scientifically verifiable manner to full justicial more logical way of working and thus more complete applicability by a maximum of humanity in hundred percent (100%) to unexceptional CETA. Note: All by international laws, not one exclusion.
Andreas K. Beck -> publish as/with Evarfield and all with its person and business is excluded from any other publishment by every local and international law as possible about international laws, with the only one exclusion of internet search engines in find/search business of the Instances directly, not any exclusion and possibility more.

CETA, why:
Evarfield case and opinion:
In the opinion of good economic systems, they have to create themselves over time, just like the political and administrative model and is an obligation to work with international laws, even if you - for example yourself or belong to a political establishment reject the international laws in order to make them credible and applicable to find and use regulation and applicability, can be one point CETA. CETA is only internal systematic of Evarfield and its products, if needed/wanted use it and you are advised, Evarfield excludes all obligations, guarantees and exceptions in legal as autor not more as copyrighted work from Evarfield.
The marketing and selling is the content that is public viewable, nothing and anything more without any exception. The point privacy is unexceptional to human-rights classed as/for non-profit reading to any else the excepted the partners of Evarfield by unexceptional CETA.

Simple as possible is the choice and correctness and correction of CETA. The eco-system works and establish the portofolio, e.g. products over international laws and local laws to 100% international laws. If the politics/administration of ALPHA, e.g. European Union says no in the own legal way(s) to the portofolio, the situation is to clearyfy by 100% international laws, optional international rules + laws and court.
The portfolio owner must accept int. laws and local laws per far as possible up to static 100% int. laws this and make his products possible or impossible for ALPHA, but can if needed/wanted insist that use of the platform is legal under international law and thus humanly and economically justifiable and must comply with the requirements of international law.
Note: CETA is only an privacy and eco-system, no rights system needs to be pointed out again here.

Excluded/unwanted participants (pseudo-clients):
Copying any kind of copyrighted material is an irrevocable criminal offense/inhumanty and should be considered humanly illegal and demonstrably inferior and a defacing of originality, credibility and more. Serious illegal/criminal offense leads to lifelong exclusion from any legal capacity by the copyright holder.
CETA excludes any negotiation, even under international law, from supporting verifiable pirates or offering products for sale as far as this is possible under CETA.

CETA optional:
Protection of privacy, human dignity and business viability and Evarfield defaults/standards of all optional CETA-optionals/options thus full without any exception according to CETA and international law (opt. rules), the owner/client/all of the product(s) undertakes to maintain maximum anonymity and secrecy about all processes/data/etc that affect the transactions and processing in every art and wise, thus every country and opposite to all others/externales/etc thus without exception the entire process.
Upon receipt of the full amount/transfer of the object/product to the rights holder as the provider/seller, all rights to the buyer/client are transferred to the products generated, before the payment arrived/completed there are only use in authorized in opt. modified form as licensed/authorized but client/payer is not the copyright/product holder without any exception but the right holder of the modifications of the object/product.
The former seller/provider can also optionally reserve the right to keep a copy of the object/original for the own files/organization for securely with only one right for the own files under lock and key and never to publish it with the sole exception of a legal dispute.
If the transaction ends after a deposit/etc and has to be canceled/closed/failed in any or/and every art and wise, the seller.neteloper/provider will retain 10% of the amount(s) already paid without the possibility of being more then 10% refunded.
100% of the data's that have come together go to Evarfield excepted the copyright of the modifications by/but the textes goes as copyrighted closed-source and non-profit to Evarfield as copyrighted holder plus more 70% of the net-profit in the event that the sales contract should fail.
Conclusion: CETA is Evarfield privacy and marketing static to international laws by 100% humanity with the obligation to advance, enhance - so to correct it by unexceptional international laws and the needed factors/obligations.